Since joining Meta in 2022, I've contributed to creating the call experience across our family apps, connecting over 1.3B active users when they are not physically together

Create calling experience for Messenger and Instagram

Selected work

Many of my exciting projects are under NDA, but please take a few sneak peeks in these following summaries. If you're curious to learn more, please feel free to reach out

IG Dual Cam


Video calling is the closest digital analog to spending time with your friends in real life while you’re physically apart. Today, video calling forces users to choose between their front or rear cameras, thereby sharing themselves or their surroundings. This prevents digital moments from being as rich and immersive as real-life.

To address this, we’re building Dual Camera sharing, the ability to stream both front and rear facing cameras simultaneously on Instagram Video Calling

Role and scope

Being responsible for the end-to-end design, running user tests, and collaborating with fellow designers to ensure a uniform experience across Meta's suite of apps


In the Beta test, we achieved projected goal from opportunity sizing

Messenger Calls Tab 2.0

Product strategy

In early 2022, Messenger launched the Calls Tab, providing significant user value and positive metric impact despite its initial minimal features.

This project aimed to define the next version of the Calls Tab to enhance real-time discovery and connection, thereby promoting business growth

Role and scope

Worked closely with product, research, and data scientist to identify opportunities and eventually created the North Star experience


Our concept received a thumbs-up from leadership and achieved cross-organizational alignment. The proposed feature set has earned a priority spot on our future roadmap

Call Reminders

Growth feature

Users want to call their friends back when they miss their calls, but they often forget to do so

We initiated this project to create call reminder solutions. This not only aids users in reciprocating missed calls but also bolsters our top-line metrics

Role and scope

Created 3 different solutions for test purpose, and working closely with data scientist and engineers to iterate the design post-Beta testing


One of the solutions improved % of reciprocated missed calls significantly in the tests


Shipping products is rewarding, but I find more fulfillment in steering the team towards finding the right thing to build. Here's a  glimpse of some design thinking workshops I've led to inform product vision

Co-creation workshop

Conducting a co-creation workshop with users in Thailand to explore the emerging market

Design sprints

An example of coordinating design sprints with researchers and other designers, post insight synthesis

Brainstorm session

An example of guiding a brainstorming session with cross-functional teams (XFNs) to generate ideas for the roadmap

User Journey Map

Customer journey mapping exercise with XFNs to help them visualize the end-to-end experience of using multiple accounts on Messenger