About me

I’m an UX designer pursuing
simplicity in complexity

Hello there, I'm a current graduate student in the MHCI + D program at the University of Washington.

Before UW, I have 5+ years of industry experience in top-tier architecture and urban design firms and worked on 10+ complex global construction projects crossing healthcare, high education, and labs. These experiences spark me to combine aesthetic language and creative solutions for complex design challenges under business and technical constrains.

Intrigued by complex systems, I have a heart for hard questions. After spending years on solving problems around people, space, and tectonic, now I'm excited to bring my design thinking and my aesthetics into the area of people, media, and technology. Although context changed, my passion for distilling simple solutions through complexity and ambiguity is always the same.

Systems Thinking

Either cities or buildings are massive, interconnected, complicated systems. My background in architecture and urban planning makes me to understand multifaceted problems from different hierarchy and to identify root cause while holding a comprehensive view.

Design Execution

Having spending the majority of my past decade learning and working in design, I developed an eye for design and a broad range of skillsets in the industry. From 2D drawing to 3D hand crafts, I can quickly prototype and execute concepts with strong design sensibilities. I care about details and I'm motivated to keep pushing my work until it is pixel-perfect.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

In my past experience, I've closely worked with multiple stakeholders including clients, constructor, structure engineer, mech engineer, elect engineer and digital consultancy. I learned how to  balancing stakeholder needs and work together to approach design solutions that incorporate ideas in business, design, and technology.


"Wenjia has great product instinct, she is always trying to capture even the most subtle user experience friction and solve it with UX/UI. Wenjia maintains a nature curiosity about different topics, front-end technology, new trends in UI design and will actively apply these new learning in her design.I would highly recommend Wenjia for any team who pays attention to end user experience, and encourages autonomy and creativity to be involved in their design process"

- Hai Wang, CTO YiRental

"I worked with Wenjia when we were colleagues at Perkins and Will. I quickly realized she is reliable, intelligent and dedicated. At the time she was taking on one of her first lab planning projects and demonstrated that she could work closely with clients to help them realize lab layouts and produce effective plans and drawings. Wenjia is also a fantastic team player and an absolute pleasure to work with. Any design team will be lucky to have her on board and I highly recommend Wenjia."

- Scott Lockwood, Project Architect at Nbbj
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Practical Augmented Reality


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