About me

I’m known for my knack of steering through ambiguity and transforming visions into top-notch designs

My design journey began a decade ago in the field of Architecture. After years of problem-solving in the realm of people, space, and structures, I’ve eagerly expanded my design thinking and craft skills into the exciting interplay of people, media, and technology.

Over the years, I've relished working with start-ups, established corporations, and tech giants. I welcome any problem space, finding daily excitement and fulfillment in crafting creative solutions that are deeply rooted in research and data.

Now, I'm thrilled to embrace new opportunities and see where this exciting future leads!

My Fuel

I revel in tackling intricate, multi-faceted projects brimming with ambiguity and fun


Nothing is more rewarding to me than solving meaningful problems and seeing tangible, positive results


I thrive in collaborating with smart, humble, and fun teammates, pushing together towards our goals and equally enjoying our victories

I'm Good At
Product Strategy

Identifying the right thing to build lays the groundwork for everything that follows. Known for my comfort in navigating ambiguity, my teammates often see me as a hybrid of designer and product manager. I ask thought-provoking questions to challenge project rationale, constantly guiding my team back to the core: understanding the user problems we're solving, why they're important, and how we can maintain our focus

Systems Thinking

Either cities or buildings are massive, interconnected, complicated systems. My background in architecture and urban planning makes me to understand multifaceted problems from different hierarchy and to identify root cause while holding a comprehensive view.

Design Execution

Having spending the majority of my past decade learning and working in design, I developed an eye for design and a broad range of skillsets in the industry. From 2D drawing to 3D hand crafts, I can quickly prototype and execute concepts with strong design sensibilities. I care about details and I'm motivated to keep pushing my work until it is pixel-perfect.


"I could not imagine a stronger design partner to a PM than Jade. I've been incredibly fortunate to partner with her as the dedicated product designer on our team over the past 6 months. Jade was a true thought partner in visioning the evolution of our product area. I was struck by her balance of creativity and pragmatism, meeting both user and business needs. Jade is amongst the most versatile designers I've had the pleasure to work with - she is highly organized, asks the right questions of both data and UXR and crafts compelling narratives to influence senior leadership. She does all of this while bringing a sense of humor and energy to the team. Jade operates like an owner and her perspective in our weekly 1:1s went beyond the scope of her immediate design work to impact the team's overall strategy both from a product and organizational influence perspective. I could not recommend her more highly"

- Khary Francis, Sr. Product Mananger at Meta

"Working with Jade is an absolute pleasure. I collaborated with her to provide content for her skillfully and strategically created product designs. She's a talented product designer with skills that reach beyond just design as she's always looking for ways to push the boundaries of how to make the product better and creatively solving big, complicated challenges. She always has a positive attitude and possesses all the skill sets that you would want in an elite product designer and team member. I highly recommend Jade"

- Jen Penrose, Content Designer at Meta

"Wenjia worked with me closely in Yirental as product designer. For Yirental IOS, Wenjia designed the new version of Yirental finding roommate feature and user profile page. For Yirental web app, Wenjia built the initial responsive design system and the initial long term rental UI flow(long term rental is the core experience of Yirental). We can not achieve all these milestones without Wenjia's great work!Wenjia has great product instinct, she is always trying to capture even the most subtle user experience friction and solve it with UX/UI. Wenjia maintains a nature curiosity about different topics, front-end technology, new trends in UI design and will actively apply these new learning in her design. I would highly recommend Wenjia for any team who pays attention to end user experience, and encourages autonomy and creativity to be involved in their design process"

- Hai Wang, CTO at Yirental