Selected Work

I've relished working with start-ups, established corporations, and tech giants on a variety of projects (2019 - 2022)


DocHero AI

DocHero is an AI-powered academic writing assistant. This case study unfolds our evolution from a simple translation tool to a robust platform leading in research and academic writing


Facebook Remote Presence

Create calling experience for Messenger and Instagram. Empowered over 1.3B active users to feel connected even when they are not physically together


BestBuy Search & Discovery

Empower Best Buy customers to navigate the world of technology products with confidence and ease



Octopus is a smart hub for parenting, which connects different smart devices and enables them to work together.



Joybite is portable smart utensil and a companion app to help people have allergies and dietary restrictions to discover new flavors and food


Roomie Match

Help people to find compatible roommates easily and safely based on mutual criteria and similar social networking


Long-term Rental

Responsive website to help Chinese hosts, students and young professionals find reliable rental resources in North America

Designers are as varied as their creations, each with their unique style. I'm the type who sees design as a science

To me, epiphanies are a myth. Instead, I believe creative ideas emerge from a profound understanding of the problem space, rooted in data and research, and nurtured through persistent iteration. Rather than chasing after 'eureka' moments, I value logic, critical thinking, and resilience in my design process. If these qualities resonate with you, I'd be delighted to connect. Let's shape the future together

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