From 2020 to 2022, I led the design of the Best Buy mobile app's discovery and shopping experience, which included aspects like search, product discovery, product listings, and detailed product pages

Empowering millions of users to confidently discover the right tech products with Best Buy's mobile app

Selected work

Many of my exciting projects are under NDA, but please take a few sneak peeks in these following summaries. If you're curious to learn more, please feel free to reach out

Filter improvement


The previous filter experience on the Best Buy app was clunky and overbearing, hindering users from quickly zeroing in on their sought-after items. Recognizing that an efficient filter is crucial in the initial stages of shopping and could drive more purchases, the team want to reimagine the filter experience

Role and scope

Utilizing a data-driven approach, I crafted a design primarily for mobile that successfully balanced both user needs and business objectives


The redesigned feature, launched in 2022, brought substantial metric improvement. Furthermore, its successful pattern was adopted across various Best Buy platforms, extending its impact.

Discovery Feed

Product strategy

While a majority of customers find inspiration in Best Buy stores, far fewer feel the same about our digital platforms, largely due to the complexity of technology and the impersonal nature of online shopping. Unlike the in-store experience with its hands-on demos and interactive assistance, online shopping tends to rely on product specs, photos, and rough customer reviews. This often makes it difficult for customers to visualize a product's role in their daily lives.

In response to this, our team decided to create a solution that assists customers in visualizing the product in use, and understand how it could enhance their lifestyle, akin to an in-store experience

Role and scope

Worked closely with product, research, and data scientist to identify opportunities and eventually created the North Star experience


Our concept received a thumbs-up from leadership and achieved cross-organizational alignment. The proposed feature set has earned a priority spot on our future roadmap

Product Listing Page 2.0

Re - design

The Product Listing Page (PLP) is a crucial part of the eCommerce journey, guiding visitors towards product details and conversions. Currently, Best Buy's app PLP is overloaded with information due to its aim of boosting SEO, which isn't as applicable on mobile.

This project's goal is to redesign the PLP for better scan-ability, aligning it with mobile users' shopping behavior

Role and scope

Created new grid view PLP with personalization logic


Improved conversion rate in categories like headphones, smart watches, games etc.