Long-term Rental




Product designer


8 Weeks (July.2019 - Sep.2019)

Long -term rental is the core service of Yirental. In this project, I individually completed the website design of this feature from end to end. Meanwhile, I initiated a responsive design system to guide the website's future responsive design



Intro to Yirental

Yirental is a digital platform that offers users rental and living solutions at the local community. The mission is to build the most-trusted, high-quality, and professional rental network based on social connections. Since 2017, Yirental has become the biggest rental platform for the Chinese hosts, students, and young professionals who dwell in North America. Currently, it has more than 100,000 registered users and 150,000 app downloads.

project goals

The product strategy of Yirental is mobile-first. With quantitative data supporting that more users were visiting and looking for rental resources from Yirental through the website, we made the decision to design a responsive website to meet uses’ needs. We had launched Website V1 which only included the vacation rental service. In this project, we planned to design Website V2. As an only designer in this project, my scope included:

  • Add the feature of Long-term rental service for website
  • Redesign the homepage to adopt the new functionality
  • Initiate the responsive design for the overall website
Design cross platforms

Responsive Design

Iteration is always my favorite part of the whole design process.  We did four rounds of iteration based on user testing feedback and internal reviews. Here, I want to share some of the challenges along the process and my design rationale behind it.

Responsive layout grid

After reviewing standards across the website and having discussions with the dev team, I set up our responsive layout grid.

UI Components

To help the product have a consistent responsive design, I also build up some standard responsive UI components and layouts.

Home Page Hero Session
Four-column Card Session
Three-column Card Session
Sample Form
Sample Page


To make sure the design could be correctly implemented, I set up redline standards and shared it with other designers.