As an initial designer at Yirental, a digital platform providing local rental and living solutions, I took the lead on several projects and initiated the company's first design system, shaping the visual language and user experience of the platform

Lead design for North America's largest rental platform catering to Chinese hosts, students, and young professionals

Selected work

Roomie Match

Growth feature

Despite being a light-weight feature in our app, the roommate-seeking tool had surprisingly high usage. However, the user journey ended abruptly once potential roommates were found, leading to high exit rates.
In this project, our goal was to enhance the roommate-finding experience and create reasons for users to remain engaged with the platform even after they finding their roommates successfully

Role and scope

My contributions range from initial research to the final handover in this project


The feature was launched in 2019 and we saw an improvement of over 8% in the retention rate.

Long-term Rental

Design system

The product strategy of Yirental is mobile-first. With quantitative data supporting that more users were visiting and looking for rental resources from Yirental through the website, we made the decision to design a responsive website to meet uses’ needs.

We had launched Website V1 which only included the vacation rental service. In this project, we planned to design Website V2.

Role and scope

Leading the website design of this feature from end to end, and initiated a responsive design system to guide the website's future design


Launched in 2020.